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Difference between
Sports Medicine Physician v/s Orthopedic Surgeon

Sports Medicine specialists and Orthopedic surgeons both specialize in musculoskeletal medicine, with Orthopedic surgeons specialize in the operative management of musculoskeletal conditions. Sports medicine physicians specialize on the non-operative management of musculoskeletal conditions.

Most Common Sports Injuries (around 80-90%) are managed through non-surgical measures. Sports Medicine Physician who excels in this field can maximize non-operative treatment, and expedite the process of return to play. In many cases where surgery is required, they work in tandem with Orthopedic/Sports Surgeon where they refer cases for surgery and get referred back post-surgery for accelerated return to play.

Sports Medicine Physicians have also received additional training in the non-musculoskeletal aspects of sports and exercise medicine. Some of these include:

  • Injury prevention
  • Concussion (mild traumatic brain injury) and other head injuries
  • Athletes with acute or chronic illness (such as hypertension, asthma, type 1 diabetes)
  • Sports cardiology
  • Exercise physiology
  • Sports pharmacology and Anti-doping measures
  • Nutrition, supplements and ergogenic aids
  • Exercise prescription for individuals who want to improve their fitness
  • Accelerated "Return to play" management for the ┬áinjured athlete
  • Healthy lifestyle promotion at the individual and community level.
  • Recommendations on Safety and performance-enhancing strength training and conditioning exercises
  • Athletic development in children

Most Sports Medicine physicians also serve as Team Physicians for local and/or national teams and clubs. These physicians work with the players with the following responsibilities

  • Pre-participation medical examination
  • Assessment and management of injuries
  • Care of sports-related and general medical needs of athletes
  • Anti-doping education and measures
  • Psychological and mental health of athletes
  • Focusing on illness & injury prevention
  • Coordinating treatment with other members of the sports medicine team to include physiotherapists, athletic trainers, and other medical and surgical specialties.
  • Acting as the coordinator with physios, athletic trainers, coaches, school and college administration, as well as athletes and their families.
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