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President's Message

Dr. Hanjabam Barun Sharma
Founding President

Welcome visitors!! Indian Society of Sports and Exercise Medicine (ISSEM) is a rapidly growing national level society of professionals, with an ultimate aim to promote & popularize Sports-Exercise Medicine & Sciences in the country.

Although the concept of “Exercise is Medicine” can be traced as early as Indus Valley civilization, the official journey of Sports Medicine in India started around mid-1980s with the commencement of India’s first recognized professional post-graduate diploma course in Sports Medicine for registered doctors of modern medicine. Nearly 2 decades after this, the first recognized doctor of medicine course in Sports Medicine was started. Until now only few medical colleges have been offering these professional courses. Fortunately, the number is increasing, but still much behind other “already established” medical specialties in the country.

The relatively less number of specialist medical doctors coupled with low awareness of the specialty among general public, and even among sportspersons, coaches or sports scientists and fellow medical doctors, it is not surprising that other specialty medical doctors or health professionals have been confused or erroneously considered as specialists in Sports & Exercise Medicine. One of the factors is also the lack of a common professional platform. Thus, there arises a need for an umbrella, apex and national level professional body solely dedicated for the promotion and development of core Sports-Exercise Medicine & Sciences and the specialists of the field; for the exchange of innovative and new ideas, knowledge and skills; for identifying & collectively tackling any challenges; and for the promotion of evidence-based medicine and science. ISSEM was thus born, initially from a body exclusive for medical doctors with specialization in Sports Medicine to a national level registered society for professionals in Sports-Exercise Medicine & Sciences, and related allied fields. This was done recognizing the multi- and inter-disciplinary nature of Sports & Exercise Medicine.

It is hoped that under ISSEM, not only Sports & Exercise Medicine in particular, but also Sports & Exercise Sciences in general and the specialists of the field, are able to get the deserved status and recognition, and able to contribute for the betterment of the society, the country and the humanity as a whole. This is particularly important for our country. The country's long-cherished dream of shining in the international sports arena with doping-free maximization of performance yet minimization of injuries & illness can be achieved when hard-work and talent meet High-Performance Sports Medicine, which is an integral component of Sports & Exercise Medicine. The devastating devilish physical inactivity, low fitness and noncommunicable diseases can be defeated once and for all using Exercise Medicine component of Sports & Exercise Medicine. The role of Sports & Exercise Medicine specialists thus becomes extremely important.

I invite you to be part of the ISSEM family and hence share this great responsibility to make the nation healthy, fit and a leader in the world of sports and human performance.

Jai hind!!

Dr. Hanjabam Barun Sharma,
MBBS, MD, D. Sports Medicine (DSM)
Founding President,
Indian Society of Sports and Exercise Medicine, India.

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