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General Secretary's message

Dr. Sidharth J. Unnithan
General Secretary

It is a great honour and privilege to be selected as the First General Secretary of Indian Society of Sports and Exercise Medicine. It is always easy to start something but it is how you continue the legacy that is important. Saying that, starting this organisation was no easy task and I have to thank all the members who put in their effort to ensure that we start this much-needed organisation. Sports Medicine currently is at a precipice where the field is getting more and more exposure to the public and the continued investment in Sports is going to increase our importance and limelight. At this junction, our organisation needs to take a leading stance in the development of sports and exercise in this country. Our aim is to promote sports and exercise medicine at an individual and community level for both athletes and common citizens.

Being a new organisation, we have our limits but somewhere we have to take the first step and hopefully our elected members, current and in the future can pave the way for our organisation being the premier organisation on Sports and Exercise and elevate our country as one of the top sporting nations in the world.

Jai Hind.

Dr. Sidharth J. Unnithan
M.D. Sports Medicine
General Secretary,
Indian Society of Sports and Exercise Medicine, India.

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