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Indian Society of Sports and Exercise Medicine (ISSEM) is a national-level registered society for Sports & Exercise Medicine. The society has now been expanded to include all the professionals in the field of Sports-Exercise Medicine & Sciences, and related allied fields recognizing the multi- and inter-disciplinary nature of Sports & Exercise Medicine. ISSEM boasts to be the only national level society in the country by recognized specialists in the field of Sports & Exercise Medicine. The society was registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 on 9th July 2019 with the registration no. S-E/1633/Distt.South East/2019. The aims and objectives of the society include the followings (but not limited to):

  • To promote sports & sports movement and provide medical & scientific guidance and assistance to make the country excel in sports.
  • To promote fitness, exercise, physical activity, sports participation & training, and provide medical & scientific assistance in this regard.
  • To serve as an apex body for promotion and advancement of general & specific optimal health and well-being through enhancing fitness, exercise, sports participation and safe physical activity; and prevention of health problems, obesity, lifestyle and other diseases and pathologies associated with inactivity & sedentary lifestyle; and through service of sports-exercise medicine & sciences and allied sciences professionals.

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Dr. Hanjabam Barun Sharma
Founding President

President’s Message

Welcome visitors!! Indian Society of Sports and Exercise Medicine (ISSEM) is a rapidly growing national level society of professionals, with an ultimate aim to promote & popularize Sports-Exercise Medicine & Sciences in the country.

Although the concept of “Exercise is Medicine” can be traced as early as Indus Valley civilization, the official journey of Sports Medicine in India started around mid-1980s with the commencement of India’s first recognized professional post-graduate diploma course in Sports Medicine for registered doctors of modern medicine. Nearly 2 decades after this, the first recognized doctor of medicine course in Sports Medicine was started. Until now only few medical colleges have been offering these professional courses. Fortunately, the number is increasing, but still much behind other “already established” medical specialties in the country.

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General Secretary's message

It is a great honour and privilege to be selected as the First General Secretary of Indian Society of Sports and Exercise Medicine. It is always easy to start something but it is how you continue the legacy that is important. Saying that, starting this organisation was no easy task and I have to thank all the members who put in their effort to ensure that we start this much-needed organisation. Sports Medicine currently is at a precipice where the field is getting more and more exposure to the public and the continued investment in Sports is going to increase our importance and limelight. At this junction, our organisation needs to take a leading stance in the development of sports and exercise in this country. Our aim is to promote sports and exercise medicine at an individual and community level for both athletes and common citizens.

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Dr. Sidharth J. Unnithan
General Secretary
What is Sports & Exercise Medicine?

Sports & Exercise Medicine or, popularly known as Sports Medicine is a specialized and distinctive branch of medicine which deals with the promotion and implementation of regular physical activity and exercise for health promotion and fitness, and prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries and illness including chronic diseases of lifestyle; the prevention, diagnosis and treatment including rehabilitation of injuries occurring during physical activity and sports; and the prevention, diagnosis and management of medical conditions occurring during and after physical activity and sports.

The following are the major domains for Sports & Exercise Medicine training:

  • Physical activity and exercise prescription in health and diseases.
  • Physical activity, exercise and sports-related injuries and medical conditions. Prevention of injury and illness; diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of injury and management of medical problems; and return-to-play decision making etc.
  • Sports and human performance enhancement by training, nutrition, psychology and other evidence-based scientific methods and techniques.
  • Sports pharmacology, antidoping, substance and drug abuse in sports; and other related ethical issues.
  • Medical care of sporting events and teams, which may include pre-participation physical examination, on-site and emergency Sports & Exercise Medicine and travelling with sporting teams.

Sports & Exercise Medicine team

Just Like any Surgeon requires a team of Anesthesiologists, Nurses and other Technicians to work together for a successful surgery. Similarly, a Specialist Sports & Exercise Physician requires other allied Sports Specialties for comprehensive care of an Athlete.

Clubs and Sporting Bodies increasingly employ specialist SEM (Sports & Exercise Medicine) Physicians, with the Primary Role being the Comprehensive Health Management of the Athlete to Facilitate Optimal Performance. This includes Diagnosis and Treatment of Injuries and illnesses associated with exercise, ultimately for improving Performance.

In Isolated Rural Community, Sports Medicine or Sports & Excercise Medicine Team may consist of

  • Registered Medical Doctor
  • Physiotherapist/Physical Therapist

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How to become a specialist sports & Exercise
Medicine Physician in India?


  • MBBS from Indian/Foreign University recognized by NMC with 1 year compulsory rotatory internship.
  • Candidate should have permanent registration with NMC/SMC or obtain within 1 month of date of admission.
  • Foreign national or NRI has to obtain their Post-Graduation study registration from NMC.

Entrance Examination: NEET-PG (National Eligiblity cum Entrance Test)

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